What is the Zelda 1 Web Randomizer?

A program that can shuffle over 150 different items in The Legend of Zelda. This includes:

This program wouldn't have been been made without the work of several people:

Woah cool! Where do I download this?

You don't! This new Zelda Randomizer is entirely web-based. You simply provide your original ROM to the site, and it does the rest. No downloading required! Click the "Generate Randomized Game" link above to get started!

Sweet! How do I play this thing?

Click the "How To Play" link above to see more details about how to actually play the randomized game!

Awesome! Can I play with others?

Yes! Join the #item-randomizer-discussion channel on the Zelda 1 Randomizer Discord! For other useful resources, including maps of each level indicating which rooms contain drops that are randomized, see the zeldaanypercents site.